Advanced Therapy Radiant Skin Facial Oil ***

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  • Protects Dry Skin from Harsh Environmental Factors
  • Restores Suppleness and Balance
  • Provides Healing and Anti-Inflammatory Qualities
  • Soothes Dry, Irritated and Chapped Skin
  • 1 fl oz.

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Give your skin a nourishing boost with our blend of botanical oils to revive dull, lifeless and dry skin. Formulated to deeply moisturize, protect and heal, leaving your skin with a soft and healthy glow.

Performance Ingredients:  (10 Oil Blend), Jasmine, Jojoba, Rose, Safflower

Directions: Massage as many drops as needed into face, neck and décolleté. Blend with other DermaQuest moisturizers or use alone for soft and supple skin. Can be used AM/PM.

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6 reviews for Advanced Therapy Radiant Skin Facial Oil ***

  1. Christine

    I can’t believe I found this product! I’ve used so many vitamin c capsules and other products like this but they all got sucked into my skin. This oil makes my skin look so refreshed and glows. I get compliments every time I use it. Use it sparingly because I don’t want to use it up. But I am buying another one soon. Just love it! Love your products!

  2. Cheri

    Excited about this. Glad you shared it with me and sent me the sample. I love this product.

  3. Andie

    I use this underneath my make up but I was told that you can even use it above your make up. Depending on how much glow you want to add to your skin. I actually look like I just came out of a spa when I put it on. People compliment on my skin every time I have it on. The great thing about it is that it’s plenty and you only need one or two drops and just tap it on your face. Will last for a long time.

  4. Suzanne Greenip

    You were right! This stuff is amazing.

  5. Jo Baker

    Thank you Christine! You are so right! I get compliments every time I use this! Love how it makes my skin look and feel!

  6. Yolanda Hein

    Most amazing oil I’ve ever used.

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