Micro-Derma Roller

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Micro needles target three key areas:

Epidermal Growth Factors

Pigment Regulation

Collagen & Elastin

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Roll 200 needles over the face to improve collagen production, promote skin regeneration and so much more.

Our collagen and elastin production starts to slow down and fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin start to appear.  Micro-Derma Rollers improve the firmness of the skin, as well as the texture and overall apprearance of large pores.  It can also be beneficial for acne scars.  This roller is a great technique you can do at home for yourself.

Rollers have 200 gauges and is .30 mm

IMPORTANT: IMAGE: Please make sure that you ROLL ONE WAY, LIFT the roller off the face and ROLL again.  Do NOT roll up and down for you can cut yourself.  Press with enough pressure but not too much so you do not injure your skin.  You can use this roller once a week with an organic lotion on your face and make sure you CLEAN your roller with RINSING with hot water and SPRAYING ALCOHOL over it.  The roller may only last up to SIX uses.

3 reviews for Micro-Derma Roller

  1. Sierra Brown

    I’ve used this in the treatment box I bought a few months ago. This made me bleed a little but my kids saw the difference in my skin after using it. I’ve had mine for a while now but I know I am suppose to replace it after a few uses. It really made my skin look more supple and vibrant.

  2. Malika Nesheiwat

    I tried my best to do it the way you have it on your video. I ended up scratching my face but I am going to try it again after I just spoke to you, Christine. I guess it was my fault for not paying enough attention to the video. But I did see a difference on my skin even though I didn’t do it quite right. Thanks again for your tips.

  3. Savana McGregor

    Hi guys! It’s Savana here. I used this on both of my parents and I couldn’t believe how much of a difference their skin looked. I used it myself on them and they did not have any cuts at all. My dad looked about fifteen years younger and my mom looked amazing with the plump look she needed. They both had different results but they both looked much younger. I guess you will have to use it for yourself to see. FYI: I am not a professional but I went off of the video and directions I was in. I wanted you all to know it is safe if you are using it correctly. I hope this helps you decide on using this modality.

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