Bath Pillow – Supracor Stimulite

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  • Cells circulate air and evaporate moisture
  • Stimulate Pillow soft enough to make you fall asleep and keep cool
  • Naturally resists mildew

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Relax and unwind in the tub or spa with our luxuriously soft honeycomb bath pillow. Perforations in the honeycomb cells circulate air and evaporate moisture so you stay cool and comfortable. Two suction cups adhere to the side of the tub, keeping the pillow in place. Water flows through the perforated cells, allowing it to dry quickly. Naturally resists mildew.

Our attractive striped bath pillows will complement any bathroom.

1 review for Bath Pillow – Supracor Stimulite

  1. Christine Marie Fleming

    Hi there! Christine here. I wanted to be the first to write a review on this pillow. I know it seems like a lot of money but this pillow is worth it. It’s almost like a gel but not. It has the holes in it to let your skin breath when you lay on this. It’s a really nice and different feel. Great for the tub or just relax on it when you are hot. Very cooling. I promise, you will love this. I would normally not carry such an expensive pillow but you need to do your research on it so you know what I mean.

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