For those who can’t afford spending money on products for skin-

Here’s a fact! Olive oil is a natural skin conditioner. As a matter of fact, the ancient Greeks and Romans as well as Cleopatra used Olive oil to soften their skin.

As we age the appearance of our skin becomes mottled and wrinkled, which can make us look much older than what we truly are. Our skin ages due to the cells being damaged or destroyed by pollutants such as cigarette smoke, traffic fumes, pesticide chemicals in the air and food… therefor create free radicals, yuk!

Antioxidants destroy the free radicals which age us. Olive oil is packed with antioxidants in a form of polyphenols, including the catechizes and flavonoids. Your body can destroy the free radicals in your blood by drinking or consuming olives-oil. However, by rubbing the oil onto your skin, you can destroy the free radicals on your skin cells. If you receive massages notice how a lot of services include the olive oil in their body lotion with an added essential oil. Also, the polyphenols which is in the olive oil can repair the damage of a sunburn- How awesome is that?

Extra virgin olive oil is best to use with a clay masks and also used in soaps. So don’t be afraid to add a little olive oil to your favorite facial products or lotion. I personally use it in my body lotion and sometimes when my skin is super dry I will massage the olive oil in circular motion onto my face. You will see the glow and get your blood flowing with a face massage using olive oil- upward of course.

Hope you enjoyed this!

Christine Marie

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  • Cheryl Newport Beach
    June 10, 2020 8:19 pm

    Funny how you just post this about olive oil. I was just speaking of you to a friend. I was telling her how you always give good sample products to your clients who purchase from you. It’s true about the olive oil. I’ve been using it ever since you told me about it over a year ago. You don’t make money on giving us this information but it helps people like me who can’t always afford high quality products as you mentioned and I appreciate that. Thank you Christine for helping women like me.


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