So some of you have asked me about Jeuvea ‘Newtox’.  I do know that it is FDA-approved and is a botulinum toxin, just like Botox.  JeuveaNewtox’ is used on moderate to SEVERE FROWN LINES between the eyebrows and forehead.  The ‘Newtox’ experience for many has been that you can actually see a difference within 2-3 days vs. waiting up to 15 days to see it with Botox.  

I personally have not tried this but will definitely give it a try the next time I am in need of a treatment.  I usually get Botox about once or twice a year depending.  I definitely like hearing that ‘Newtox’ lasts longer than Botox.  

The CEO and founder of Evolus, Jeueau ‘Newtox’, Robert E. Grant seems to really know his stuff and has the experience of providing such an amazing result when it comes to treating wrinkles that are associated with our facial expressions.

‘Newtox’ is the first alternative to Botox and has been used in the U.S. nearly ten years.  What makes ‘Newtox’ different is that Jeuvea ‘Newtox’ has taken the high road to using a technology called Hi-Pure which means that when it is manufactured, the product is taken through more steps on purifying the protein which makes it even more safe for the patient.  And, since Evolus  ‘Newtox’ is only an aesthetic company, it allows them to focus on just wrinkles for cosmetic purposes vs. Botox has a use for several things to include migraine headaches, underarm sweats and so forth… 

This is new for a lot of Botox lovers but it never hurts to try something that works and is reasonably priced. #newtox

Should you be interested guys, contact OMG O.C. Aesthetics in Corona Del Mar/Newport Beach.   They are giving away $75 visa gift cards to the first 25 ‘Newtox’ clients Promotion this month. 

Check them out:

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Christine Marie

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  • Hi Christine. Never heard of this. It’s good to know there is a faster reaction that the fifteen days. I might try it myself sometime. Just started doing Botox a few months ago.

  • I’ve heard some thing about this new botox. I had a friend who had it but it didn’t work as well as her botox. I just thought you may want to know this.


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